COVID HealthHack II Judges

Dr. Raul Perez-Olle

Vice President of Medical Affairs at

MacroGenic, Inc

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Silvia Garcia Codony

CEO at Mira Therapeutics

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Scott Omelianuk

Editor in Chief at Inc. Magazine

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Adrienne Choma

Former Life Sciences Executive

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Leigh Ann Soltysiak

Commercialization Strategy Consultant at Silverleaf Consulting

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David Zimmerman

Director of Technology Commercialization at Stevens Institute of Technology

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Judging criteria

Approach & Idea
- Clearly addresses the stated need - Is feasible from a clinical and technical standpoint - Is creative and innovative - Is commercially viable and scalable

- Is technically sound - Utilizes technology in an interesting or innovative way - Is demonstrable - Exudes a sense of simplicity and intuitiveness in design and function - Looks appealing and professional - Is designed keeping the end user in mind

Elevator Pitch
- Is described in a succinct and clear manner - Is presented in a way that’s engaging to the audience - Is well-thought out with a defined purpose

- Is there anything you find extraordinary about the project?

COVID HealthHack